Spirit logistics

Spirit logistics are really specialised?

Yes, goods like (alcoholic) drinks have to be handled in a special way. Whereas non-alcoholic drinks are usually labelled as ‘sensitive’, alcoholic drinks are (most often) also very costly. So goods which have to be handled in a special way.

We can take care of the entire logistical process for you, after purchasing the goods. Our warehouse has an own Bonded Warehouse which allows us to handle the non-excise goods as well.

  • Wine, beer or liquor, we can handle the transport flawlessly, no matter the volume.
  • Verifying the excise permit in SEED.
  • Verifying if goods are ready for transport.
  • Making up an EMCS document or providing relevant information to third parties.
  • Movement Guarantees for import from the United Kingdom.

The examples listed above are just some of the services we can provide when it comes to spirit logistics. And because we work for importers and traders all over the world, our knowledge isn’t limited to transports from and to the Netherlands. In short, we offer many services you can outsource to us without concern.

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Spirits logistics

Wine, liquor, beer and other (alcoholic) drinks are costly and sensitive goods. Based on our expertise in the industry, we offer you specific solutions which will get your goods to their destination safe and sound. This entails both import as export, as well as distribution to the final destination.


When it comes to Warehousing, we’re the right fit. Together with our partner Amsterdam Warehouse Company we can offer you a total solution. Storing products, re-packaging and preparing for shipment are some of the services we can provide. AWC also has an own AGP, which offers a lot of flexibility.

Exhibition logistics

When you’re on an exhibition somewhere in the world, you should be able to focus on that exhibition completely. We are happy to take the logistic side of the exhibition out of your hands. We will take care of the transport from your doorstep until delivery at the exhibition.